Dr. Boone poses for a photo with Dr. Kaplan

Passing the Torch

Dr. Jackson Boone moved to Cincinnati from North Carolina in July of 2022 with his fiancé, Jessica, who had recently completed her Ph.D. and accepted a position with Procter & Gamble. Within a month, Dr. Boone was hired to work in the Clifton dental office of Dr. Marvin Kaplan. Dr. Kaplan, his staff and patients gave Dr. Boone a warm welcome, and it quickly became clear that the fit was a good one for all concerned.

Dr. Kaplan had been dealing with health issues and making plans to choose a younger dentist to whom he would transition his practice, and he was pleased to announce in May 2023 that Dr. Boone would be purchasing the practice and continuing to care for his patients with professionalism and passion. Thanks to a positive, dedicated, and skilled team and an amazing patient base, the transition has been seamless. 

Dr. Boone loves learning about dentistry and the world through any avenue possible. He particularly enjoys building relationships with patients and hearing of their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and insights. In turn, he is pleased to share his knowledge of dentistry and overall health, along with his passion for the environment and sustainability. His mission is to provide the highest quality dental care while minimizing impact on the environment. We invite you to experience the difference of sustainable dentistry and join us in creating a healthier and greener future, one smile at a time.

As we continue our transition, you can expect the top-notch dental care you have come to rely on at our office. In coming months, you will notice the introduction of new equipment and technologies as we work to bring you the latest in oral care options. Welcome to Sustainable Smiles!

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