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About Us

At Sustainable Smiles, we deliver the highest quality dental care to you and your family while taking care to minimize our environmental footprint. Our team treats every patient the way we would want to be treated if we were in the chair.  

Our quality and integrity extend back more than fifty years, when Dr. Roger Carroll first opened his dental practice here in the Clifton area of Cincinnati. Dr. Marvin Kaplan took over in 1977 and continued Dr. Carroll’s legacy in the community. Today, Dr. Jackson Boone is honored to continue the tradition of these trusted dentists, providing the professional, compassionate service patients have come to expect. 

New patients of all ages are welcome to experience the Sustainable Smiles difference! Call us today at (513) 281-8800.


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Meet Our Team

Dr. Boone and wife Jessica with their dog Milo at the beach

Jackson Boone, DDS

Dr. Jackson Boone is delighted to be serving patients in the Clifton community of Cincinnati. A North Carolina native, he completed his undergraduate degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at UNC’s Adams School of Dentistry. He is experienced in delivering comprehensive general, cosmetic and restorative dental care using the latest technology and techniques.

Dr. Boone seemed destined to for the world of dentistry from an early visit to his own dentist in Concord, N.C. The curious 5-year-old loved his experience and asked his mom on the way home, “Can boys be dentists, too?” Excited to learn that, indeed, they could, he always looked forward to his trips to the dentist and never lost his desire for a career in the dental field.

Today, he feels privileged to be able to share his passion and talent for dentistry with his patients. He stays up to date on the latest technologies, treatments, and pursues numerous continuing education opportunities so that he can offer the best possible treatment and help educate patients to be a partner in their oral and overall health care.

Dr. Boone lives in Mason, Ohio, with his wife, Jessica, and their dog, Milo.

“It is my privilege and responsibility to offer every patient the very best care that I can. I engage patients in their own oral health treatment, and we make decisions together every step of the way.”

Jackson Boone, DDS

Owner, Sustainable Smiles Dentistry


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